Developed projects

Analyzing all of our management processes by defining five main functions:






Here are some of services performed by us:

Textile Consulting and Management

Start-up new factories and departments

Industrial / Engineering Management

Supporting the establishment of new factories, work points or the creation of new departments

Production Management - Technological Processes / Production Processes

Quality Management Quality Audit AQL 2.5

TQM (Total Quality Management)

Job description for all factory position

Quality management procedures

Textile garments / home wear / technical textiles

Quality control during production or before delivery

Personal selection and evaluation

Establishing competence matrices for all staff directly and indirectly

Setting Performance Indicators

Effective time structure

Study of movements and time allocated for each movement in a working phase

Implementation of timing and procedures for all work points.

The study for which the timing of the intercepts is performed

Added coefficients for different types of machines and operations

Calculation formulas in the textile industry

Implementation of barcode system, installation and configuration of system - presentation of functionality -

Defining parametric-defining tracking points, routes, lines, areas-working with mini-processes-working with flexible process technology micro processes

Modifying production reporting finalization

Established effective workforce indicators

Establish Additional Indicators - Lost Times

Including analyzes, fixing and tracking corrective actions.

Presentation of principles 5 S for department heads. Define 5 S rules in the production area.

Personal training to work with ways of calculating and tracking performance.

Highlight level skill level, training status, instruction target, monthly update

Communication - Transactional analysis

Establishment of financial support methodologies for new employees to combat fluctuation of staff.

Defining internal processes, evaluation

Establishing how to record and interpret data

Establishing way to collect data or production stops, identifying the cause and quantifying their time.

Establishing individual objectives, establishing the objective department

Defining the individual performance assessment mode

Action plan for continuous improvement of processes and performance.

Descriptive systematic analysis of jobs

Design of manufacturing systems.

Technological line - workload

Criteria for setting up the workplace

In production the most important thing is quality, then increase production volume, and finally learn how to control costs

Because you will have a good quality product that will cost you a lot and no one will need it.

Implementing production discipline through professional authority

Establish working methods

Work study

SAM timings / production line balancing

Production calculation techniques

Establishment ,,W’’

Setting the product tempo



Layout for new line

Technological processes

Processes in production

TPS (Toyota Production System)

Project Management and Leadership

Training and consulting

Implementation of ISO 9001 system

Lean Systems

Flexible Manpower System

Fish bone diagram

Six Sigma (Method to measure process quality)

JIT (Just in Time)

Kaban System

QRS (Quick System Response)

MTD (Detailed Techniques and Techniques)

CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)

Kaizen (Continued Improvement)

Jidoka (Poka-Yoke Automation)

SMED (Single minute exchange of die)

MRP (Manufacturing and Resource Planning)

TG (Group Technology)

LCL (Less than Container Load)

5 S (Visual Management)

4M (Man-Machine-Material-Method)


MTM (study of movements and time allocated for each movement in a working phase).

Decompose manual processes into motion elements

Technological Know-How

Carbon Fiber Embroidery

Tailored Wire Placement - Wire laying / Carbon fiber heating structure embroidery

Carbon fiber heating textile elements

Execution of pattern-grading or samples according to model, sketch, picture or dimensional table and / or technical specifications

Technical support at local or international fashion fairs, price calculations for samples or new models in production

Digital textile printing

Purchase / support stocks directly from Asia-Africa factories

Placing orders in production at factories in Asia or Africa