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Under conditions of strong competition, increased customer demand, only companies that will be able to provide the necessary flexibility for the increased specifications required by the products will resist to the market. If productivity drops, this will cause your company to enter into a downward spiral of your organization.


Since you need more resources for the same exits, costs will increase (so product prices). This will result in lower sales, resulting in fewer orders and a weaker use of capital and labor investment.


Thus the outputs will drop, while the entrances will remain at the same level or fall to a slower rate.

Improving productivity, however, will cause an upward spiral. Your products will be cheaper, resulting in a higher profit or sales growth in the short term, this will lead to a better use of resources, which will again increase productivity.




Customer services

Accessories / Threads

Fabric / Knitting

Price Quotations/consumptions

Fabric testing team

Fabric 4 point AQL

Technical Department



Marker Maker CAD

Product Developer

Sampling room

Fitting PP samples

Patterns / Size Chart




Follow -up

Feed -back to team

Cutting Room


Shrinkage Testing lab. Team

Fabric analysis

Less cloth consumption



Numbering METO

Fusing team



School line / training center

Technologic process/line layout

Production management

Engineering / Work study / Methods of work/ Timming SAM

Maintenance and adjust machines for new styles

Quality Managemet


Sampling quality

Cutting quality

In line quality

Outline quality

Agter pressing quality

AQL 2.5

Advice  for delivery and pre shipment

Pressing line


Finishing procedures & systems

Finishing layout & process

Iron and pressing team

Planning for pressing line

Coordinate the Finishing Area



Poly bag / hang-tag size is according with garments sizes

Poly bags to folders persons and put stickers on the poly bags

Sorting of the garments by sizes

Loading the table should be done by sizes

No metal / needles or foreign objects to be inserted in the poli bags

Metal detector

Quarantine area



Shipping procedures

Load procedures

Start up new factories

Top and middle management training

Production Management / Quality Management

Purchase / support stocks directly from Asia-Africa to the factories

Efficiency and productivity / Reduction of production costs

Execution any kind of pattern and grading after pictures or size chart or following technical documentation

Placing orders in production at factories in Asia or Africa

Textile trade (Retail)

Washing and finishing procedures

Warping / Weaving / Coating

Digital printing and printing techniques

Wire / Cable / Carbon Fiber Stitching Structure and technical textile

Technical support at international fashion fairs

Time and price calculations for samples or new models in production